Nyssa finally gets revenge on the man who killed her father and her whole planet. The first of which is a strange man in a Victorian suit. Rich's ComixBlog - Archive - The Ten Doctors, https://dwexpanded.fandom.com/wiki/The_Ten_Doctors?oldid=39688. Which is a shock. The Daleks fire just as the TARDIS is dematerializing and blow a huge hole in the side of the flagship. regenerates into a vaguely familiar form. The energy begins to discharge through the strained cables. data spool and the Tenth Doctor urges them to hand it back. While Davros’ flagship picks off a couple of Sontaran battlecruisers, a Movellan assault shuttle homes in. The Mechanoids attack. The Second and a Half Doctor is not as sure as Omega is that his second incarnation is under much threat from the Celestial Toymaker. Nyssa's body is dying and the Time Daleks decide to remove her brain for The Ninth Doctor's TARDIS snaps at the end of the cables, shorting through and blowing out the TARDISes connected to it and causing it to crash to the ground. In "Smith And Jones" Davies gave him the line "Judoon platoon upon the moon" supposedly just to mess with him. The Third and Sixth Doctors decide that it us time to split the Sontaran ship and meet up with their other selves to get to the bottom of all this. Once they return to their own times, their memories will alter assault on the Daleks, both factions already battling eachother, in space over Earth, 2008. help her get the woman to the hospital. Even Dalek Tor is touched. The Guardians carry on with their summarization of the history of the universe. The Second and Seventh Doctors have been captured by the white "Imperial" Daleks, and when the Second Doctor tries to flee back into the TARDIS, he gets immobilized. That is, until he decides to do it himself. Drax decides that it is time to leave, taking the Rani, Glitz and Mel with him. Dalek Ahn continues to try to break Leela, despite the broken equipment, but the TARDIS arrives with the Third and Sixth Doctors, which breaks into a fight, during which the Eighth Doctor frees Leela from the conditioning machine. (an acronym for Time and Relative Dimension … ship has turned and attacked with unexpected response time. They attempt to find a way out and nearly run into a group of Cybermen who are about to awaken the still-dormant Silurians who have been outfitted with cybercontrol The Fourth Doctor realizes that the Daleks are rounding the High Council up and leading them to the lab not so that they can extract information from them, but so that they can be used as genetic material for new Daleks to expand their numbers quickly, rather than waiting for a new batch to grow in a clone tank. and time will flow around, filling gaps and correcting minor paradoxes. Nyssa is carried off to be converted and the Doctors are lined up for processing. Nyssa says a fond farewell to Tegan and the Fifth Doctor. The K9s say goodbye, exchanging forbidden data for emergencies. The Third and Fifth Doctors meet with the Master and find out that he wants them to ‘bless’ his plan to unite the various races of the Federation, allied or otherwise and lead them in a battle against the Daleks. Just as the Ninth Doctor is about to take care of things, Dalek Ahn finds itself free enough to make an Emergency Temporal Shift, and escapes. They have microjumped and shot forward a few hours in time. Romana has found some old staser pistols in a security storage facility and doles them out, unsure as to their state of repair. The Ninth Doctor dodges a bullet -so to speak- but realizes that he now faces certain death at the ‘hands’ of the Daleks. Watch Doctor Who, past, present and future adventures Dalek Tor reveals that it is unconcerned with the temporal paradox of processing the earlier incarnations of the Doctor. All this saying goodbye is becoming a little much for the Ninth Doctor. Rose, however, is taking this a little hard and Ace has no time for babies. Presumably his onscreen regeneration was a farce and he was employed by the Time Lords for a time to run missions for them before they finally changed him into the Third Doctor. Omega lays out his plan to the projected Second and a Half Doctor about how he intends to remove the Doctor from all of time and space so that it will all dissolve into chaos, from which he will rise as god of all time, space and matter. K9 (or one of them, anyway) sabotages the control unit which short circuits and electrifies Dalek Ahn. Seeing how confused the Tenth Doctor is, one of the Ninth Doctors points out that Gallifrey was not destroyed, but the Guardians tricked him into flying the TARDIS into the Death Zone just as acting President Flavia destroyed the Time Scoop equipment after the events The Fourth Doctor sends Romana off to occupy the companions while the First Doctor tries to start making sense of the situation. Theme by Ash Tarrant Neonvisual: Most of the visuals except the stars, names and logo www.NeonVisual.com DOCTOR WHO 1963-2016: Names and Logo. The Movellans and the Daleks engage in a firefight right in the command module of the Dalek flagship. The Third Doctor sends the Fifth Doctor to accompany him. Some of the Doctor's previous incarnations are skeptical of the setup, while others are genuinely proud of their future ingenuity. Who also is escorting Nyssa and Mel who had landed their ship not far away and managed to contact him. The Second Doctor arrives, seemingly already understanding the situation, accompanied by Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot. Meanwhile the Fifth and Third Doctors head off of their mission. he effortlessly snatches his pocketwatch out of the air with one hand. The Sixth Doctor repaired the hyperdrive, but when the Fourth Doctor goes to greet the would-be grateful ship crew, they turn out to be more Daleks. The Tenth Doctor, in order to keep the peace, attempts to explain the situation to Ace and Rose. The Sixth Doctor and Peri say their goodbyes. But they have made a critical error. As mentioned on the Fourth Doctor's page, Ten is widely regarded as one of the most iconic portrayals of the Doctor in the revived series, thanks in no small part due to his much more human and empathetic, yet still frighteningly alien personality depicted during his tenure. Finally, Maxil leads his squad of guards into the room and the battle is on. This could change the flow of events that would While chaos reigns and confusion begins to really settle in, the Tenth Doctor is really starting to feel the effects of his timeline being meddled with somehow, and his emotions begin to take their toll. Even if he did originally run away from its staunch dullness. Surprised, he drops the spool which lands at the Eighth Doctor's feet. He can give her no useful answers, but does tell her that he misses her greatly. One of the Daleks approaches Leela and speaks her name. The Fourth Doctor tracks down the signal they are following. As the Ninth and Tenth Doctors run back to their TARDISes, the Tenth asks the Ninth how he knew where to find him and what was going on. Various companions make various comments to various Doctors, and the chaos is quelled by the commanding tones of the First Doctor who starts to take charge. The series introduced Bill Potts as a new companion of the Doctor, the first openly gay companion alongside the Doctor on TV with Nardole continuing to travel with him. His opinion of regeneration also changes as time goes on. You've even got the same suit! Also, "Nonononononononononono" on a bad day. K9 and Jamie avenge her. The Second Doctor deduces that the Celestial Toymaker could not be behind all of what has gone on, he simply has not got that kind of power. Releasing one of her ship’s many thrusters, it slams into the Master's fighter and destroys it. Sarah Jane mourns over Captain Jack's body, Grace tries to keep Nyssa among the living and the Ninth Doctor gets Drax to start moving companions to his TARDIS while the now-blind Dalek opens up its casing to reveal the 10th Doctor. They get into a fight and the Valeyard pulls a staser on the Doctor, and revises hisplan on the spot. The Third Doctor confirms that all is well so far, but then gets a new set of signals. Within the series' narrative, the Doctor … The Sixth Doctor ducks in between two Mechanoids who percieve Daleks as a much greater threat then curly haired fellows dressed as clowns. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called "the Doctor", an extraterrestrial being, who appears to be human.The Doctor … The Seventh Doctor informs Davros that he is quite through with dealing even remotely mercifully with him and leaves him to his fate with the Movellans. She recognizes Tegan and Turlough, but it is K9 who recognizes his former mistress, Romana. It also almost gets him lynched in "Midnight.". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Sixth Doctor is using the Dalek's confusion, pretending to be the Keeper who is helping them from Gallifrey. He orders them to leave Captain Jack;s body and to bring Nyssa along for conversion. That is, until he is mysteriously rescued by an old friend. As the Toymaker informs him that he is doomed, the Second Doctor challenges him to a game of Crazy 8s. How the Black Guardian concluded that the unverse could not survive in an unstable balance between order and chaos. A bit of silly Doctorish banter follows with the two Doctors tossing the sample back and forth to confuse the Daleks. Doctors 2 and 2.5 and Glitz hightail it out of the Toymaker’s universe as Omega begins to flare up into a massive matter-antimatter exposion and the universe goes– BOOM! They run into the Alpha Centauri ambassador. In 2018, Big Finish brought the Tenth Doctor into their Doctor Chronicles audio series, with Doctor impersonator, Jake Dudman, playing the role while also narrating. The Daleks identify the Second Doctor, but their limited understanding of time travel and their distorted logic prevents them from comprehending the possibility of two Doctors existing in the same place at the same time. More and more Ninth Doctors show up on the scene, causing the Reapers to While the Third and Seventh Doctors have a little talk with the Ninth Doctor about some interesting choices he's made recently, the Sixth Doctor, accompanied by Peri Brown, shows up in time to be indignant, and the First Doctor, accompanied by his granddaughter Susan, arrives in time to start making sense of it all. Skirt through time and space with a Doctor Who skirt. So they destroy Dalek Lin. Omega steps through the gateway from his anti-matter universe to check on the Toymaker's progress, but is shocked to find he and the Second Doctor squatting on the floor playing cards. The Ninth Doctor keeps the Cybermen distracted long enough for Drax and K9 to install the machinery on top of the gigantic cyber…. But suddenly, there is yet another Doctor standing behind him. The origins of Rassilon and Omega, Morbius (”The Brain of Morbius”) Saliyavin (”Shada”), The Land of MakeBelieve (”The Mind Robber”) and the Master (Image represents “The Time Monster”). To mitigate the damage, the Third Doctor orders two of them to find something else to do. The Third Doctor asks after the Second Doctor. Doctor Who Classic 12 Inch Tall Radio Controlled Dalek: Silver and Black (Death To The Daleks) - Product Enterprise (Please Read) $175.00. While the Third and Fifth Doctors haul the Tenth off to be attended to somewhere more controlled, the other Doctors decide, much to the Eighth Doctor's dismay, that there probably is not anything they can do for Andred, and he best be put out of his misery. That does, however, leave him vulnerable to a booster rocket blast directly into Earth's atmosphere which would leave him in freefall and a very messy impact. The Cybermen discuss the logical problem of forcefully determining the identity of the new arrival, who turns out to be the Ninth Doctor. The Supreme Dalek gets totally confused by the appearance of a second Keeper of the Matrix, and while he tries desperately to sort out the logical problem in his brain, the Sontarans attack. The Third Doctor is restrained by the Sontarans before he can warn the fleet. She uses the unbelievable truth to distract her from the facts. The Eighth Doctor and Leela sneak in for a closer look. The battle rages on: A Dalek takes aim at Romana, but Jamie uses his metal beam to smash the He declares himself their leader and, leaving Bambara in charge of fighting the Silurians, announces that they are going to find the Doctor. All are relieved and delighted. Disabling his maneuvering thrusters and his weapons. Jikuu Bouken DOCTOR WHO (Space-Time Adventure DOCTOR WHO). The Second Doctor realizes that they have not actually moved at all through time or space. The Second Doctor, the Second and a Half Doctor, Jamie and Zoe say their goodbyes and leave. Deciding it is not worth pursuing, he informs Damon that he is looking for the Doctor and Damon asks him to give him a message. The Master explains how he plans to use his new, augmented Sontarans to take over the universe. The Doctor is saddened by this reply, but he did expect it. $49.99 $24.99. The War Chief decides to find his own TARDIS and run for it. The Fourth Doctor, last to arrive, last to depart, tells the Tenth Doctor that he appreciates him. It also blasts open part of the hull from which the ship spews out pieces of broken superstructure, pipes, metal tiles, and the Fourth Doctor. The First and Tenth Doctor discuss how the Guardians kept the temporally displaced Doctors slightly out of phase, just enough so that the time-native Time Lords would not be able to recognize them, save for a special few who were directly involved or also time-displaced. The Sontaran representative sows the seeds of doubt in regards to the As a result of this, the Ninth Doctor is experiencing this whole story out of order to the rest of them. An accidental and often reluctant Chick Magnet, the Tenth Doctor started out rather manic: prone to speaking very quickly, peppering his speech with pop culture references and foreign words, and going off on long rambling tangents. Moreover, when they, In regards to being the second Doctor of an era, the handsome, lady-killing Ten comes across as, Then again, the "wibbly-wobbly" thing may or may not come from, The very knowledge that he was the Doctor was enough to make the entire Cult of Skaro back up in fear. So, Invokes the Master's catchphrase ("And you will obey me!") He later accepts her as his "daughter" later in the episode, especially when she "dies". Doctor Who Expanded is a FANDOM TV Community. The companions discover that they're suddenly inside a TARDIS. Susan asks the Second and a Half Doctor how her grandfather is doing and he tells them all that they are not to disturb the Doctors for any reason. Doctor Who is about ideas. The Seventh Doctor escorts them directly to the control room while the Rani continues to divert and confuse the Dalek troops. He informs the White Guardian that he is in no mood to play her "champion of time", but when she tells him that he is not, he deduces that, in fact, Davros is the White Guardian’s champion, since the Daleks taking over the universe would be the ultimate ordered structure. Keeping Dalek Ahn with him to repair the Neurological Distillation unit, Dalek Tor sends all the other Daleks after the Fourth Doctor so that he can be wired in to make a complete set. Meanwhile, on a small crystalline scout ship, Sabalom Glitz and Melanie Bush head out on a rendezvous. Meanwhile back on Gallifrey, Damon, the Doctor's friend and data services technician, has accidentaly discovered that someone on Gallifrey is communicating with the area of space once occupied by the Dalek homeworld, Skaro (now destroyed). The companions are captured before they can make a break for it. The Doctors fumble, then goof around, trying to explain the nature of time. The Eighth Doctor and Leela sneak back into the Citadel to find out what os been going on with Andred and her children, and also to get to the bottom of the whole Valeyard/Keeper of the Matrix issue. Evidently, the present day events take place just prior to the, Ace previously met Doctors other than the Seventh in, Jo previously met Doctors other than the Third in, Tegan notes that she, along with the Fifth Doctor and Turlough, have just left the "party" of, Coincidentally, the Tenth Doctor's appreciation for the Fifth Doctor matches that later seen in, The First Doctor initially fails to recognise the Police Box-shaped TARDISes of his successors as his own, indicating that this is before his, As the First Doctor has yet to stop in 1960s' England, the Fourth Doctor reasons that he still has the, Sarah Jane and Harry recall their encounter with the Cybermen. Ace and Rose, in attempting to track down and rescue Jamie, who they believe had been captured by Cybermen, wind up having a good time destroying Daleks with Ace's Nitro 9. Ace admires Drax's choice of TARDIS exteriors and the Doctor gets cheerfully exasperated by his crew. After a telling and tense moment, the Supreme Dalek relents. The Supreme Dalek demands that Maxil hand over the TARDIS instead, but the Doctor interferes, telling the Daleks to let Maxil go as they cannot use the TARDIS without the Rassilon Imprimature. The Third Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough visit with the Federation leaders who inform them that the Sontarans have scattered, though not eliminated. Tegan and Peri find a curious excavation site while wandering around the Captain Jack listens in and discovers, thanks to Jamie's explanation and lack of discretion, that Romana is, in While Brigadier Bambara tries to get some information about the lizardy things in the sewers from Sarah Jane, Romana, Grace, Jamie and Captain Jack, lo and behold, who should appear with all the answers, but Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. The Daleks struggle with the paradox of having more than one Doctor on the ship at once, when they let slip a secret. The Master introduces the Third and Fifth Doctors to the mastermind of the battle planning committee, none other than the War Chief. Suddenly Ms. Smith herself comes out of the warehouse with K9 and carrying a limp Romana between herself and Jamie. The Monk takes the Tenth Doctor aside to tell him that he has an opportunity to prevent the Last Great Time War from happening and wiping out the Time Lords. The Fifth Doctor and his companions, Tegan and Turlough are fresh from The Five Doctors, fleeing from Gallifrey so the Doctor doesn't have to take office as Lord President, and already familiar with at least three of his other incarnations. In space over Earth the "battle of 5 armies" continues but numbers are dwindling. The Tenth Doctor, now undergoing Dalek conditioning and hooked into an M5 machine, reports to his new emperor, Dalek Ahn, that the presence of the Eighth Doctor is a problem. The Sontarans fire their laser at the door, but as they do so, the TARDIS materializes in front of it. The Third and Fifth Doctors plot a trip to visit with the Federation before heading to the Eye of Orion to meet with the others. All the Doctors after him in temporal continuity feel the effects. Finally the First Doctor explains that they are waiting on a temporal node while the universe sorts itself out after being interfered with by the Guardians. (TV: Twice Upon a Time) When the Third Doctor … On their way to the conversion lab, the Eighth Doctor explains that believes that the Daleks created are prototypes, experimental versions made from Andred and Leela's children and other Outsiders. He showed real contempt when the Eleventh Doctor admitted he'd "forgotten" the exact number of incinerated children on Gallifrey. The Ninth Doctor decides that this cannot continue and attacks Dalek Tor. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Doctor... Fun. " This little moment from "42" is a great example. reputation of the Time Lords amongst the Galactic Federation delegates. He gets into an argument with Sarah Jane over the irresponsibility of putting a Time Lord at the mercy of modern Earth medicine, but before it can be resolved, Romana steps out, apparently recovered and quite well, a thoroughly embarrassed Grace Holloway behind her. The First and Ninth Doctors, along with all the companions, arrive on Gallifrey in Drax's TARDIS. Referring to his status as a father, not only has he lost the cloned daughter; his children and granddaughter Susan, his children from when he was the first Doctor, are supposedly dead because of the Time War. Ace decides to go back and rescue Jamie. She and the First Doctor are the Meanwhile, down underground, the cybernetically enhanced Silurians are now left stranded without Cyberman controllers, and so they go into a fighting rage when they see the UNIT soldiers exploring the lab. Not since the Third Doctor has this much emphasis been put on the "Lord" part of the job description. Maxil finds Captain Jack sneaking around behind the scenes while Dalek Ahn repairs the machinery that will allow Dalek Tor to complete the absorption of the nine Doctors. As the Doctor is leaving, however, Davros makes a cryptic remark that stops the Doctor in his tracks. The Ninth Doctor's behaviour concerns the First, who heads off to Gallifrey with the Tenth. He starts off as a kind, cheerful, adventure-loving chap with a. Continuing their summary of their involvement in the Doctor’s life and the state of the universe, the Guardians cite “Genesis of the Daleks”, “Day of the Daleks”, “Genesis” again, “The Ribos Operation” and “The Armageddon Factor”. The Second Doctor's questioning of the Rani turns up a defensive reply. Meanwhile, in a pocket universe, somewhere between matter and anti-matter, Omega confronts the Celestial Toymaker about his progress in this big mysterious plan of theirs. She suddenly recognizes his voice as that of her husband, a Citadel guard known as Andred. He's. Out of this steps the Tenth Doctor. In the meantime, he goes to recruit help in the form of the Daleks' other prisoners. Step into the Tardis with a sleek Doctor Who dress. The Second Doctor's arrival naturally heralds that of the Third Doctor, accompanied by Jo Grant, and the two resume their arguing. In so doing she has noticed that he managed to slip back in time using a temporal jump drive. Nyssa has agreed to help Mel track down Sabalom Glitz who abandoned her on Terminus. Meanwhile, the Daleks deliver their ultimatum to the Cybermen. The original of which has just encountered the Keeper of the Matrix. Doctor Who BBC. Doctor Who: 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) - Scarf Style Long Arm Warmers. If the Second Doctor gets killed, what will happen to the Third through Tenth? Jo and Turlough briefly argue over whether to go back and rescue Romana or continue on their mission to secure the Rani's TARDIS, finally agreeing to do the latter and go back for her after. The Tenth Doctor watches the last of his previous selves leave Gallifrey. This sort of thing was a fad in certain circles for a while in Real Life as well. In the most horrifying fashions possible. Coming to the conclusion that they have done all the damage they can on Gallifrey, and really ought to try not to do anymore, the Doctors decide it is time to leave and regroup on the Eye of Orion to figure out what the next step should be. Lampshaded by Donna when she meets the Doctor for the second time in "Partners in Crime": Russell T. Davies is notorious atheist, so while this trope is present, the god complex that the Doctor develops is largely deconstructed, especially in this Doctor's last few episodes. After all the Doctors present identify themselves by number, the Fifth Doctor notices that the Eighth Doctor is missing. Following the events of The Runaway Bride, the Tenth Doctor goes to the Eye of Orion to reflect on the loss of Rose Tyler. The two Doctors and Rose then stumble upon the Seventh Doctor and Ace. Brigadier Bambara orders the use of a 'secret weapon', and Romana and Captain Jack come to try to stop her from enganging the superior alien forces. An argument breaks out in the assembly, but is stopped when an uninvited Sontaran warrior arrives. Meaning that it was not so much a game of chance, but a cheating competition that the Doctor won. She greets him with a kiss. The Sixth Doctor has a little chat of his own with Maxil who informs him that he is feeling some remorse and once he has relocated Leela old warehouse. Beneath the over-caffeinated exterior, Ten was one of the more hubristic Doctors, all too aware of his superiority over other races. Meanwhile the Rani learns more than she cared to about the Cybermen and makes a deal with them. The First Doctor takes control. Ten has it pegged down to the decimal. It turns out that his rigged up machinery took years off their lives and Leela is a teenager again. The others rush to his aid. Visualizza altre idee su doctor who, dottorato, il dottore. At his worst, the Doctor deemed himself — and. The Sontarans decide to attack the leader of the retreating Dalek faction, and just as the Sixth Doctor senses that his plans are falling apart, things get worse with the arrival of Commander Maxil. He holds in his hand the means to change the course of his own history, assuming nothing happens to his previous incarnations. The Supreme Dalek comes out to confirm the identity of the Keeper, but the clever Sixth Doctor turns the tables on it and takes over the interrogation. After almost fifty years by that point, we found out why the Doctor engaged in any of his missions; it… More explosions rock the planet's surface and suddenly the Doctor is caught up in the shockwave. He runs into Damon, who surprisingly does not recognize him. He has a brief encounter with a Dalek before the Rani, who he had picked up earlier, shoves it out of the way contemptuously. The Second Doctor uses his techological skill and his sonic screwdriver on the power conduits inside the Dalek ship to set up first a light outage, then an emergency claxon to confuse the Daleks guarding the TARDIS. Zoe steps out to see where they have landed and comes face to face with an army of companions, including the Brigadier and Jamie. Leaving the Tenth Doctor to travel alone. The Ninth Doctor's words leave him feeling somewhat crushed, which turns to indignant anger when he spots Maxil. As Romana tries to usher everyone to their safety, she is struck by a Cyberman blaster. The various Doctors begin to head back to their TARDISes with their entourages of companions. Aka: The Valeyard. sends Dalek Lin to investigate. This was also his motive for sparing the Master's life, against the protests of his companions and his own better judgment (, To Jenny, a daughter-clone harvested from his cells in "The Doctor's Daughter". She finds the Daleks chasing the Doctor and runs off after them, hoping to catch up before the Doctor simply eliminates what remains of some of her children. Tegan and Peri, under Cyberman mind control, lure Ace and Rose into the hands of the Cybermen, who have decided that they are so screwed, their only chance is to try to force the Doctor into helping them by using his companions as blackmail. The Ninth Doctor points out to the Guardians that once they are devoured the Time Lords will be able to rid themselves of the Reapers before they can do any damage to Gallifrey. One of the first things he does after regenerating is overthrow Harriet Jones, changing history to screw Britain out of its promised "Golden Age" and leading directly to the ascension of Prime Ministers, Possibly due to holding back his regeneration for so long in order to say goodbye, he suffers a particularly violent regeneration that nearly destroys the TARDIS and damages the sonic screwdriver. His official current companion, Jo, the Brigadier, Benton, Yates and Liz who came to visit from Jo's future, Sarah Jane Smith and her K9, and Captain Jack who is hitching a ride back to London to get back to his Torchwood team. Doctors in tow along with the other companions. The War Chief tells the Doctor about the death of the Master and the disappearance of his fifth self before drawing an electronic device from his sleeve and springing both of them from their cell.

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